Wood Projects

Deck Table

The intention of this table was to bring an industrial feel and function to a traditional outdoor country table.

We used heavy gauge steel and robust construction to support two inch thick recycled pine beams into a substantial outdoor deck table. The feel is very rustic, but the colors are warm and sensual. The hardened teak oil finish on the steel is minimal with some rust and mill finish still evident. The wood is sanded silky smooth, but with a highly textured surface finished in natural teak oil. The oil has been applied multiple times with long cure periods separating each application resulting in a highly weather resistant, water proof, hard, yet glowing finish.

The juxtaposition of rich smooth wood you can't help but stroke, with massive construction techniques, makes a table you can't wait to use every night.

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Master Bedroom Bed

Strategic use of structural steel, the aim of this design is to create the illusion of a floating sleeping platform anchored by a headboard of a massive recycled poplar beam.

The support for the bed is made of polished 4 inch square steel pillars inset towards the center to disappear from most sight lines and create the feeling of a floating cloud inviting you to spend the night suspended just above the floor. The headboard is angled to serve as a backrest for sitting up in the bed. The wood is a highly distressed recycled poplar beam sanded to silky smoothness and sealed with a natural oil. The steel structural system is designed to be disassembled and easily transitioned between king, queen and full sizes. Where the steel is visible it has been polished to a rough luster.

While not being particularly heavy it is extremely stable, easily supporting 200+ pounds on any corner without a hint of movement or flex.

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Dining Table

This dinner table finds elegance in simple clean and balanced design. A deliberate mixing of different types of wood were utilized to either highlight or support critical elements based on the wood's individualized strengths, both aesthetic and/or structural.

Dining Table

The surface is highly polished oak chosen for both it's beauty and durability. The vertical portion of the legs are exceptionally wide and rare beams of oak anchored by hidden supports of maple used for it's great strength and rigidity to support the top. The top itself is bordered and bisected by willow, a beautiful and seldom used wood of rich browns streaked with gold highlights to compliment the oak main sections.

It is sized to accommodate up to eight, but still feels intimate enough for two.

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Coffee Table

Coffee Table

By utilizing thin steel square rods in a truss structure, glass and relatively small accents of African paduck wood, this coffee table provides extensive surface area for the owner's obsessive magazine habit while not becoming an intrusive presence in the living space.
When clear of magazines or books it almost fades from sight, but when needed it can nearly hold food and books and magazines as tables twice it's size due to the large glass lower shelve. There are subtle details like brass wire wrapping on truss joints and extensive metal working to flow the joints together as if they were cast rather than welded.

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Spice Rack

Spice racks are always a challenge for cooks. On one hand you want accessibility, on the other, most racks make you wish you didn't have to look at them.

Spice Rack

By using Brazilian cherry wood, glass and polished steel tubing, this rack presents 90 to 100 different spices in a way that serves the cook and the decorator at the same time. It's beautiful and functional at the same time.

This is what Hunter Creek Design strives for every time we work on a project.

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Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you already have cabinets you would like to improve or are installing new cabinets, Hunter Creek Design can help you make the most of the space.

Kitchen Cabinets

Too often cabinets are thought of as a repetition of a theme until the space is filled. We like to work with the belief that a wall of cabinets can be a whole presentation space. We like to design cabinets as if they were not individual blocks stuck together in numbing repetition, but rather one large tableau with functional individual parts. Use your kitchen or closet walls as a place to make art that functions.

Reclaim these spaces from regimentation for the forces of art! We can adapt existing cabinets or create from scratch.

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Jewelry Hanging Box

Everyday a woman asks herself what will go with this outfit? Most women have a lot to choose from. How do you compare and contrast these choices when all you have to look at is a pile of jewelry in a box?

Jewelry Box

This Jewelry Hanging Box is made from a massive beam of solid poplar wood, hollowed out to hold, side by side, an extensive collection of earrings, necklaces and bracelets, so that they can be seen. Because if you can see them, side by side, arranged by color or type or even material, you can make a choice. With the ability to close this display, you also don't need to look at them. You can close the door and just see a smooth, calm and beautiful exterior of inlaid wood. Something that would compliment any home.

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Tower Library

There are times when the best thing you can do for the people in your life is to leave them alone. But how many of us have a place to go when that time comes?

How wonderful it would be to have your own private library, with it's own trap door at the top of a beautiful steel, copper and bamboo spiral staircase. How delightful to have a soft comfortable antique chair and a 360 degree view, surrounded on every side by windows looking out to far mountains and nestled in the treetops. How peaceful to slip off your shoes to walk on polished bamboo floors before leaning back to look at your own cathedral ceiling lit by multicolored neon lights while surrounded by hundreds of your favorite books.

Your own private rock tower to retreat to when life gets a little too loud and stressful. How wonderful.

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