Stone Projects

Patio Wall

This patio is highlighted by a free flowing wall mounted copper and steel project meant to emulate a natural vine system but with abstract elements and a somewhat fantastical nature.

The original wall needed interest and visual pull as the flower planter's natural vines were immature and regularly harvested by the local deer population. Hopefully they won't develop a taste for copper. The patio was cut from the mountain side and created as a series of terraces. By curving the terraces and cutting them with natural rock staircases, individual spaces with unique characteristics are created. A couple of flower beds are supplemented by grass areas for lounging or picnic spots.

Not every yard is going to have the relief of this one, but every space has a chance to be special.

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Patio 3-picts

Tower Library

There are times when the best thing you can do for the people in your life is to leave them alone. But how many of us have a place to go when that time comes?

How wonderful it would be to have your own private library, with it's own trap door at the top of a beautiful steel, copper and bamboo spiral staircase. How delightful to have a soft comfortable antique chair and a 360 degree view, surrounded on every side by windows looking out to far mountains and nestled in the treetops. How peaceful to slip off your shoes to walk on polished bamboo floors before leaning back to look at your own cathedral ceiling lit by multicolored neon lights while surrounded by hundreds of your favorite books.

Your own private rock tower to retreat to when life gets a little too loud and stressful. How wonderful.

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Tower Library 3-picts