Steel Projects

Ross Fireplace Screen

This fireplace screen was designed and constructed for a small but exquisite Seattle home where every piece has been chosen with great care and thought. The fireplace is used on regular occasions and the screen has to function as a firescreen while still providing an artistic focal point for the main living space.

The aim is simple and clear artistic lines, both to compliment the rest of the room and to provide as much transparency to the fire beyond as possible. The materials are steel with small copper accents. As the house was constructed with a prairie style home design motif but has been updated with a classic modernistic theme, the screen had to fit within both schools. It also had to be customized to fit a fireplace space that was not fully square or standard in size.

The design is sensual and evocative of both human forms and fire. The aim is to fit so seamlessly with a burning fire that you will forget it is there as you stare at the glowing flames and yet also be so compelling so as to create it's own fire when the hearth is bare.

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Copper Vines Screen

This screen has become the focal point of this downtown Denver highrise apartment. It serves as a room divider in the living room, but functions as art, even sculpture.

Copper Vines

The construction is a combination of steel, copper and fabric. It is visually dense but is not meant to fully block the view. It has both realistic as well as abstract elements. The leaves are embossed with veins and stems yet curl and flow with the piece to highlight the woven replaceable fabric centerpieces.

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Matuszewicz Bridge

The owners of this small home in Denver Colorado decided they wanted to install a fish pond in the front of the house, but the logical place for a waterfall and pond necessitated a bridge to reach the front porch and entrance. Hunter Creek Design was there to help.

It wasn't a particularly extensive project, but it was a beautiful result.

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Master Bedroom Bed

Strategic use of structural steel, the aim of this design is to create the illusion of a floating sleeping platform anchored by a headboard of a massive recycled poplar beam.

The support for the bed is made of polished 4 inch square steel pillars inset towards the center to disappear from most sight lines and create the feeling of a floating cloud inviting you to spend the night suspended just above the floor. The headboard is angled to serve as a backrest for sitting up in the bed. The wood is a highly distressed recycled poplar beam sanded to silky smoothness and sealed with a natural oil. The steel structural system is designed to be disassembled and easily transitioned between king, queen and full sizes. Where the steel is visible it has been polished to a rough luster.

While not being particularly heavy it is extremely stable, easily supporting 200+ pounds on any corner without a hint of movement or flex.

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Coat Racks

Often the first thing a you see when you enter a house is the coat rack. Why are so many so boring and ugly? Why don't designers use this chance for fun, beauty and functionality?

Our coat racks are whimsical and functional. They use the first thing you see as you enter a home as a chance to make a statement about the people that live there. A statement about the tastes and aesthetics of the home. They also hold coats and hats very well.

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Patio Wall

This patio is highlighted by a free flowing wall mounted copper and steel project meant to emulate a natural vine system but with abstract elements and a somewhat fantastical nature.

The original wall needed interest and visual pull as the flower planter's natural vines were immature and regularly harvested by the local deer population. Hopefully they won't develop a taste for copper. The patio was cut from the mountain side and created as a series of terraces. By curving the terraces and cutting them with natural rock staircases, individual spaces with unique characteristics are created. A couple of flower beds are supplemented by grass areas for lounging or picnic spots.

Not every yard is going to have the relief of this one, but every space has a chance to be special.

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Forced Air Heater Vents

Too often a purely mechanical need is saddled with a purely mechanical design, even when this need is right in the middle of a very public space. Hunter Creek Design believes that art should permeate and reflect the owner's taste and provide a smile, all the while still functioning and fulfilling a vital need.

This is clearly an individualized piece designed and constructed for a specific need. The material is high carbon steel and can easily support hundreds of pounds. The intake measures approximately 27 by 13 inches, the floor vent 16 by 5 inches. It provides a walking surface for a forced air heating system and a smile for the owner every day.

Clearly, not every space is regular or conforms to standards. This is particularly true in custom or older homes. Hunter Creek Design can use what is unique in your home and exploit it, not hide it. This intake vent is a case in point. You will never find a grate to fit such an odd shape at your local big box hardware store. We took this ugly duckling and made it a beautiful shiny steel swan.

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Pot Hanger

A simple problem of a stack of beautiful french copper pans continually being shuffled around the range top or stored in a cupboard, out of sight and forgotten.

A pot holder is the obvious solution, but all you can find are too small or big or ugly or won't hold the load or will pull out of your ceiling and come crashing down or are just honestly too plain and uninteresting. What to do? How about you get something that will light up a small inner smile every time you see and use it. Something your friends will comment on and admire, something that will work perfectly for you for years and years. Something custom made for your kitchen, for your stove, for your ceiling structure, strong enough to do pullups on, something by Hunter Creek Design.

Something made just for you. Problems solved!

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