Wood Projects

Metropolis Health Center Office Divider

The room in this Denver health cooperative where this screen was installed, has to function as both an interview and treatment space.

Office Divider

The philosophy of the health practitioners centers on a holistic approach to healthcare and in support of that philosophy, the screen design provides both a beautiful and calming atmosphere for patients. The piece is opaque, creating privacy, yet without completely walling off the space into separate rooms. As music can easily spread throughout the room there is no break in mood between interview and treatment.

Specifically designed lighting provides a soft glow to the interview and treatment spaces while highlighting the three dimensional nature of the work. The materials are pine, steel and Japanese rice paper.

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Deck Railings & Gates

Some of the most pleasant places in any home are often not even in the home. Here in Colorado where the winters can be long and harsh we take our summers seriously.

Deck Railings

A deck or patio can get a lot of use, but only if it is as beautiful as the home it surrounds. You can buy a fence at Home Depot or Lowes, but how much beauty would you bring into your home if you do? A patio or a deck or a stairway needs railings and gates, but your heart and soul also need beauty. Why not fulfill all your needs at the same time. Call us at Hunter Creek Design for ideas and creation of functional art.

A chance to make those warm summer evenings or cool quiet mornings a place to enrich your life, to gather yourself, to live with art.

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This patio is highlighted by a free flowing wall mounted copper and steel project meant to emulate a natural vine system but with abstract elements and a somewhat fantastical nature.


The original wall needed interest and visual pull as the flower planter's natural vines were immature and regularly harvested by the local deer population. Hopefully they won't develop a taste for copper. The patio was cut from the mountain side and created as a series of terraces. By curving the terraces and cutting them with natural rock staircases, individual spaces with unique characteristics are created. A couple of flower beds are supplemented by grass areas for lounging or picnic spots.

Not every yard is going to have the relief of this one, but every space has a chance to be special.

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Tower Library

There are times when the best thing you can do for the people in your life is to leave them alone. But how many of us have a place to go when that time comes?

Tower Library

How wonderful it would be to have your own private library, with it's own trap door at the top of a beautiful steel, copper and bamboo spiral staircase. How delightful to have a soft comfortable antique chair and a 360 degree view, surrounded on every side by windows looking out to far mountains and nestled in the treetops. How peaceful to slip off your shoes to walk on polished bamboo floors before leaning back to look at your own cathedral ceiling lit by multicolored neon lights while surrounded by hundreds of your favorite books.

Your own private rock tower to retreat to when life gets a little too loud and stressful. How wonderful.

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Designing a kitchen is a simple balancing act of competing needs.


A cook needs access to a large variety of pots, pans, cold and dried food, fresh vegetables and fruits, some requiring refrigeration, some not, multiple cooking machines and tools, an easy grab of cooking utensils, a large stove top with a wide variety of cooking temperature options (preferably gas), a sink (large, easy to clean double well is best), oven (preferably electric and preferably high enough to see into and not have to bend down), a dishwasher (preferably quiet), easy access to dishes, glasses (both special use and daily use), easy trash disposal and compost collection, a variety of bowls, serving and storage vessels and as much counter space as possible, all at the same time.
It would also be nice to be able to see everything you need so as to be able to pull it out quickly. Last it is nice to share the space with guests, it's no fun to cook alone. But if you are, maybe a little TV and/or music would be nice. Oh yes, it needs to be well lighted, bright but not harsh. And be sure to provide a way to get rid of smoke and odors.

Don't forget your guests either, make sure it's a pleasant to spend time talking and visiting, because you know everyone will end up there anyway! And if you like to cook and bake a variety of cuisines, then most of these tasks are multiplied by the shear variety of tools need for a good cook. Other than that, it's really pretty easy.

It's no wonder there are so many answers to the kitchen design question. Some are clean, beautiful and simple, but nearly useless for cooking. Some are so big that you spend all your time walking and lifting pots and food from one side to the other and you can't find a thing. Some so small it's hard to cook anything at all, much less a complicated meal for a large group. Some are an efficient machine, but nobody want's top spend anytime there. It's not easy finding the right balance, partly because there is no one answer. Cooks, budget, cuisines and spaces all differ. But no room is more vital for family life. You could even say family happiness and togetherness. We share our lives over food. The kitchen is the heart of a home.

Hunter Creek Design can help you make your dreams fit your space. Even if your dream is that elusive 'perfect' kitchen. We don't buy cupboards and make them fit, we first ask you where and what you want in a cupboard, then we buy it if we can or we build it if we need to. The same idea holds for everything in your kitchen. Needs dictate design. First and foremost we make sure the space works, because true, lasting and deep beauty only grows from optimal function. When we have succeeded in fulfilling the right function, then we please not just the passing eye, but the inner eye as well. By designing in this order, you will ultimately fill the soul of your home with useful and truly beautiful things. Like a great kitchen!

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Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Sometimes there are design issues that are missed by a quick look. These pictures are from a small house in Evergreen Colorado which needed a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen addition. The house was situated on a very steep site that only allowed expansion back into the north side of the house, into the south facing hillside. Most designers might have just stuck an addition on the back side and been done with it. When Hunter Creek Design came to the project, we came from a perspective of light. How do we keep these new spaces from being dark caves.
Our solution was to do a modified pop top. To lift the roof of the new addition out of the hill side and put large south facing windows up high to capture the light and bring it to the rooms. When you have such large windows streaming light into the house and reflecting off the ceiling, you better make the ceiling worth looking at, because that's where everyone's eyes will be drawn.

Bed Bath

In the bedroom and bathroom we build a curved wooden wave, reminiscent of the bottom of a finely crafted wooden boat. In the daytime, especially in the winter, the light bounces off the curves and give a warm and even light to the whole room. In the evening, a room length energy efficient light sconce does the same. From the top of this sconce a row of hidden lights flood the same curved wooden ceiling and reflect light back down into the room. A similar separate series of lights cascade light down the wall to provide a wash of subtle light for reading in bed and illuminating the wall hangings.

The nautical theme is echoed in custom shelving installed above the claw footed tub and in the bedroom. Why stick with squares when curve work better for the space. Make the design fit the need, beauty will follow.

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Matuszewicz Bridge

The owners of this small home in Denver Colorado decided they wanted to install a fish pond in the front of the house, but the logical place for a waterfall and pond necessitated a bridge to reach the front porch and entrance. Hunter Creek Design was there to help.

It wasn't a particularly extensive project, but it was a beautiful result.

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