Hunter Creek Design LLC is a personal design and production firm formed to facilitate your dreams. We offer everything from customized products for your home or office to installation of complex construction projects designed specifically for your site. We also have experience designing and producing consumer and industrial products for mass production.

Spend some time looking over these examples from our work. You might find just what you are looking for.

Nepal Town

These are generally shippable items, done specifically for a client and designed to fit a particular need or space. Generally, they should just be used as a guidepost for your specific needs. We could certainly make an exact copy of any of these, but one of the great advantages of working with Hunter Creek Design is the ability to customize our work to fulfill your dreams and desires. So use these projects as an idea library where you can pick and choose the feel, function and look you like, to make it your own.

These are larger custom projects. Every home has it's own challenges and strengths. At Hunter Creek Design, we work with each home to exploit their strengths and overcome their challenges. Every project is unique, as is every home. But every home has something that will make it special and personal to the people that live there. Let us help you find that which is special in your home come alive with beauty.

Nepal Town

These are projects that are commercial or industrial in nature. They are mass produced and are not custom in nature. What is the same is the expertise and attention to detail and design that you will find throughout the Hunter Creek Design projects. If you have an idea for a mass produced product and don't know where to go with it, we can help.