Nepal Mountain

A note from the owner:

Many years ago, as a young man, I went trekking in Nepal. One night around a fire, I got into a discussion with our head Sherpa, Pemba about stories. Not the particular tall tales we were telling each other, but the whole idea of stories. As he put it: I believe there are only so many stories in the world. All the stories we know and tell, are just the weaving and re-weaving of those few stories

He went on to add: I also believe there is only one artist and everything we create and see is but a copy of that one artist Now I would be the first to admit that all this sounded much more significant high up in the Himalayas after a 10 hour hike passing saffron cloaked monks and surrounded by temples and incredible mountains. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of the setting, those words have stuck with me for all these years.

Nepal Town

At Hunter Creek Design we work with steel and concrete, computers and wood. We even work with injection molded plastic. But the fundamental thing we work with is our imaginations. We always come from a place that respects the origin of all beauty. We also understand that there are essentially only two kinds of beauty. One that is immediately appreciated by the eye and one that may only become beautiful later, after something is used, handled or lived with.

When we design for a need, we try not to just get the job done, but to see deeply what the job really is. It has been said that the things we own, often own us. We only have so much room in our lives for stuff. We all develop relationships with the things we own. Sometimes these relationships are healthy and functional, but all too often these days they are not. How do you know? The dysfunctional stuff doesn't stick around. We eventually find a way to end the relationship.

But we all own stuff that for one reason or another we have held on to for years, sometimes for lifetimes. A lucky few, several lifetimes, passed from one generation to the next. Each object like this is an example of great design. It may not be initially beautiful, but it fits it's place in our lives perfectly.


At Hunter Creek Design, we always work towards that ideal. Our mission is to find that sweet spot for each of our customers and their needs. We design and make things for our customers. But if we do it right, those things reflect such deep beauty of function and aesthetics that they will be there, treasured, for your children and their childrens' use, years after we are long gone.

At Hunter Creek Design, we try to tell old stories about the old essential beauty that has always been here. We use the amazing gift of imagination to see not only that essence, but to express that essence in the things we make. When we succeed, we create wonderful relationships with the things that surround us.

Rydbergia grandiflora

Let us do the same for you and the things you own. Life is short, you deserve to spend it surrounded by functional beauty.

Justin Dick