Commercial Projects

Sit-n-Stroll Carseat Stroller

The principle founder of Hunter Creek Design founded this company with his brother to produce an invention of theirs called the Sit'n'Stroll Carseat Stroller.

This was and remains the world's first and only lightweight, safety certified, infant and toddler carseat that converts with one simple motion into a full function stroller.
They raised over 1.65 million dollars of start-up capital financing and supplier credit. The Sit'n'Stroll was named by the L.A. Times one of the "10 Best Consumer Products of the Year" and was well reviewed in Fortune, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, Popular Science as well as many other regional and national publications. The company had an average 35% annual growth rate in sales from 1990-95. When the company was sold, it was the only carseat manufacturer with a perfect safety record: zero injuries, recalls or claims. Currently it is manufactured in China and sold around the world.

Through the work on this product, Hunter Creek Design has established relations with European, Taiwanese and Chinese manufactures and sales contacts.

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No Cheat Abs

No Cheat Abs machine is exercise machine designed for the consumer and professional gym market.

The machine measures the forces on the users feet as they preform a situp or stomach curl and gives a visual feedback indication of the effectiveness of the exercise. Essentially it doesn't allow cheating. You cannot use muscles other than your abdominals to perform the situp without the machine detecting it and helping to correct your form. There are a variety of workouts that can be done with the No Cheat Abs machine, helping the user to improve overall strength in their major muscle groups. These "extra" exercises include Shoulder Raises, Tricep Extensions, Bicep Curls, Bench Press and Lat Rows.

Hunter Creek Design worked with their client to design, redesign, prototype and set up manufacturing in Taiwan where it is still produced under license. Hunter Creek Design can act as a clearing house for your next great idea. Our expertise in plastic injection molding, electronic circuit design, aluminum extrusion, steel stamping, mass production assembly, when combined with our extensive manufacturing contacts will bring the resources together for your great idea.

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Some mass produced products will only see a limited number of customers. The Quick-inert is a complex specialty valve for aromatic samples to be tested in a gas chromatography machine.

These machines essentially tell you what an unknown aromatic substance contains. They are used in thousands of analytical laboratories around the world. These labs go through millions of sample bottles every year. The Quick-inert valve was designed to ease the use and reduce the use of the number of these sample bottles by making it possible to sample the contents of each bottle without releasing the contents. It is a complicated product due mostly to the need for absolute isolation of the contents for contamination and the extreme pressures of some of the gases being held. It is a product with a need for high precision but mass production.

Hunter Creek Design brought the diverse mix of expertise together to meet and exceed the clients requirements. Something we can bring to your simple or complex idea.

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